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Products | Fluid Bed Processor
The fluid bed processor is used for granulation or
agglomeration, dry processing, layering and coating for various sizes of particles. The fluid bed process can be divided into 3 types according to the position of the spray nozzle: Top Spray, Bottom Spray, and Tangential Spray.

Wet granulation process by the fluid bed is a procedure implemented in an airtight chamber concocted through steps, which is applied in various fields, including medication, food, fertilizer, and more. This process is more effective than others in yielding raw material and manufacturing time as the mixing, granulation, drying, and coating of a pulverulent body is all done in one container. Besides direct granulation, the top spray type fluid bed process makes granules with good dispersibility and a porous structure for fast water-absorbing. Such granules can be used for powdered food, dietary supplements, or chemicals. The fluid bed is also utilized in powder coating, powder layering, and palletizing.

The bottom spray type fluid bed forms better film than other coating technologies,
which is useful in medical industry as it controls the emission of drugs, and in the fertilizer industry due to its active layering and coating. The tangential spray (Rotor) type is highly effective when applied to palletizing and layering.

  • Another advantage is that by changing the container, many types of tasks can be practiced, since the equipment is used for drying, granulation, and coating of a pulverulent body by using the air in fluid bed.
  • Depending on the type of dissemination, Top spray and Bottom spray can be applied. Top spray is usually used for granulation of a pulverulent body, and Bottom spray for coating.
  • The nozzle is categorized by the hole-size of its tip: 0.8, 1.0, and 1.2.
  • With twin chambers, it is capable of continuous operation. Equipment to withstand high temperatures and high wind powers can be custom-made.
  • Touch screen and electric PLC control system designed for easy operation.